Kirill Zolygin rushtechhub.com

Welcome to RushTechHub.com! 

I’m Kirill – an actor, musical performer, and tech enthusiast.

You might ask: why are you writing a blog about tech stuff?

My journey into the world of technology began in the early 2000s when I started experimenting with music production software like Cakewalk, Sony Vegas, and Sound Forge. Those early experiences sparked a fascination with technology that has only grown with time.

I have been doing musical theatre for 12 long years. This job taught me discipline and self-organization. 

But then the pandemic came. Theatres, bars, restaurants, and resorts (all places where somebody could need my art) shut down unpredictably without a clear sight of the future.

To survive, I found a job at a company that provided customer support for internet advertising.

It was like stepping into a whole new world! Not only could I boost my soft skills and communicative abilities, but I also learned a lot about how internet marketing, ads, SEO, and website building work.

Working there, I realized that many people need help getting in touch with technology. It may sound arrogant, but I spent hours explaining to clients how to log in to a mailbox or set up two-factor authentication. 

No, I’m not kidding.

So, more and more often, I thought of starting a blog explaining technical things in simple terms. RushTechHub.com is more than just a blog; it’s a platform where I can combine my love for writing with my passion for technology. Its ambition is to make the fast-paced world of tech transparent and understandable for you. Think of it as a TikTok-like blog – captivating, concise, and packed with valuable information.

I’m a self-taught tech enthusiast. I believe in the power of learning by doing. This philosophy has guided me through my journey in music, language learning (I speak three foreign languages fluently), and, in the end, technology. 

At RushTechHub, I bring a user’s perspective to tech. It’s about helping my readers stay aware of the technical rush we’re all experiencing.

On this blog, you can find content covering new apps, websites, and AI-related innovations. I aim to provide up-to-date and engaging content. You can learn more about how I work by reading my Editorial Guidelines.

I hope to inspire you and help you on your tech journey.

Thank you for joining me!