What is BladeRunner?

BladeRunner is a browser plug-in that highlights AI-generated text directly on the page, helping users identify bot-written content effortlessly.

BladeRunner Key Features

  • AI Detection: Highlights AI-generated text with high confidence.
  • Real-time Analysis: Works directly on live web pages.
  • Versatile Applications: Useful for social media, news, education, e-commerce, and government sectors.
  • User-friendly Interface: Easy to install and use as a browser plug-in.
  • Confidence Scores: Provides confidence levels for detected AI-generated text.

5 Use Cases of BladeRunner

  1. Social Media & News: Detects spam, misinformation, and fake accounts.
  2. Education & Publishing: Identifies AI-generated text in exams, assignments, and research papers.
  3. E-Commerce: Spots fake reviews and fraudulent direct messages.
  4. Government: Monitors for misinformation, instigation, and signs of cyber attacks.
  5. Content Creation: Ensures originality in blog posts and articles by detecting AI-generated content.

Who is BladeRunner for?

BladeRunner is for you if you need to identify AI-generated text in various contexts, such as social media, academic work, or e-commerce. It’s ideal for educators, journalists, e-commerce managers, and government officials who need to ensure the authenticity of content. However, it may not be necessary for casual internet users who do not frequently encounter or need to verify AI-generated text.

BladeRunner Pricing

  • Pricing Type: Subscription
  • Price: $9.99 per month

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