FastBots AI webpage with text 'AI Powered Chatbots Trained On Your Data', a chat interface, and icons for PDF, XLS, DOC, TXT files.

What is FastBots?

FastBots offers powerful AI chatbots trained on your data using the latest language models like Claude and GPT-4.

FastBots Key Features

  • Chat History: View all conversations within your chatbots
  • Bot Personas: Change bot prompts to alter chatbot persona
  • Choose LLM: GPT-3.5, GPT-4, GPT-4 Turbo or Claude
  • Import Data: PDFs, websites, documents, and videos to train the bot
  • Privacy & Security: Military-grade encryption on uploaded data
  • No-Code Platform: Embed chatbot code anywhere easily
  • Multi-Lingual: Supports around 95 languages
  • Branding: Customize chatbot appearance
  • Access Control: Private or public chatbot access

5 Use Cases of FastBots

  1. Customer support automation for websites
  2. Building knowledge bases from existing business data
  3. Lead generation through conversational marketing
  4. Creating vertical/niche chatbots from YouTube videos
  5. Building internal company chatbots for HR/operations

FastBots Pricing

FastBots offers a free plan and paid subscriptions:

  • Free: 1 chatbot, 1000 words upload, 50 messages
  • Starter: $19/mo, 5 chatbots, 50k words upload
  • Pro: $49/mo, 20 chatbots, 500k words upload
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing for larger requirements

Create powerful AI chatbots trained on your data!

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