What is GPTZero?

GPTZero is a leading AI detector designed to identify whether a document was written by a large language model like ChatGPT. It provides precise and reliable AI detection at the sentence, paragraph, and document levels.

GPTZero Key Features

  • AI Detection at Multiple Levels: Detects AI-generated content at the sentence, paragraph, and document levels.
  • High Accuracy and Reliability: Independently benchmarked by Penn State, showing best-in-class accuracy.
  • Interpretability: Provides sentence highlighting to explain why AI was flagged.
  • De-biased Detection Model: Launched the first de-biased AI detection model in July 2023.
  • Collaboration with Top Institutions: Partners with researchers from Princeton, Caltech, MILA, Vector, and OpenAI.
  • Granular Reporting: Offers detailed AI usage reports to help guide educational and policy decisions.

5 Use Cases of GPTZero

  1. Educational Integrity: Teachers use GPTZero to verify the authenticity of student submissions, ensuring academic honesty
  2. Hiring Processes: Employers utilize GPTZero to check the originality of job applications and writing samples, maintaining high standards in recruitment
  3. Publishing Industry: Publishers rely on GPTZero to authenticate manuscripts and articles, preserving the integrity of published content
  4. Legal Documentation: Legal professionals use GPTZero to verify the originality of legal documents, ensuring compliance and authenticity
  5. Content Creation: Content creators and marketers use GPTZero to ensure their work is original and not AI-generated, maintaining credibility with their audience

Who is GPTZero for?

GPTZero is for you if you are an educator, employer, publisher, legal professional, or content creator who needs to verify the authenticity of written documents. It is especially useful for those who require high accuracy and detailed reporting to maintain integrity and trust in their work.

However, if you do not frequently deal with written content or AI-generated text, this tool may not be necessary for you.

GPTZero Pricing

  • Free Plan: Basic AI detection features.
  • Pro Plan: Advanced features and detailed reporting for $10 per month.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom solutions for large organizations, pricing available upon request.

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