Kore.ai homepage featuring a woman wearing a headset, representing their partnership with businesses to implement AI solutions. The page includes buttons to 'Get Started' and 'Talk to an Expert'

What is Kore AI?

Kore AI is a leading enterprise conversational and generative AI platform that simplifies the deployment of AI solutions for businesses.

Kore.ai Key Features

  • Award-winning conversational AI powered by pre-trained large language models (LLMs)
  • Ability to fine-tune responses using generative AI
  • 24/7 premium automated omnichannel service and support
  • Enterprise-grade controls to manage data access and security
  • Pre-built solutions for various industries (BankAssist, HealthAssist, RetailAssist)
  • Open platform that integrates with existing architecture and technology partners

5 Use Cases of Kore.ai

  • Automating over 80% of customer inquiries, reducing response times, and improving satisfaction
  • Providing real-time answers, coaching, and proactive suggestions to support agents
  • Delivering personalized and accurate support through fine-tuned conversational AI
  • Maintaining strict security and compliance standards with enterprise-grade controls
  • Deploying industry-specific solutions like BankAssist, HealthAssist, and RetailAssist

Kore AI Pricing

Kore AI offers flexible pricing plans tailored to individual business needs. Pricing information is available upon request from their sales team.

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