What is Voice Dream Reader?

Voice Dream Reader is an advanced text-to-speech app that allows users to listen to PDFs, textbooks, emails, documents, and web articles with natural-sounding voices. It is designed to enhance reading efficiency and accessibility, especially for those with dyslexia or visual impairments.

Voice Dream Reader Key Features

  • Natural-Sounding Voices: Includes one premium Acapela voice and access to 36 built-in iOS voices, with nearly 100 additional voices available for purchase.
  • Wide File Format Support: Compatible with PDF, EPUB, DAISY, plain text, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Apple Pages, Apple Keynote, HTML, RTF, and audio files.
  • Customizable Reading Experience: Features customizable font, font size, color themes, synchronized word and line highlighting, and focused reading mode.
  • Advanced Listening Controls: Includes play-pause with remote control, sleep timer, personal pronunciation dictionary, configurable speech rate, volume, and pitch, and playlist creation.
  • Content Management: Offers folders for organizing content, text editor, export options, and sharing capabilities.
  • Visual Interaction: Supports full-text search, bookmarking, highlighting, note-taking, and dictionary lookups.
  • Integration: Works with Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Bookshare, Instapaper, and Pocket for easy content access.

10 Use Cases of Voice Dream Reader

  1. For Dyslexic Students: Helps students with dyslexia by reading textbooks and class materials aloud, improving comprehension and retention.
  2. During Commutes: Users can listen to articles, books, or documents while driving or commuting, making productive use of travel time.
  3. For Busy Professionals: Allows professionals to listen to emails, reports, and documents on the go, enhancing multitasking capabilities.
  4. Language Learning: Assists language learners by reading texts in different languages, aiding in pronunciation and comprehension.
  5. For the Visually Impaired: Provides an accessible reading solution for visually impaired users, enabling them to consume written content effortlessly.
  6. Audiobook Creation: Users can convert eBooks and documents into audiobooks for personal use.
  7. For Writers: Helps writers by reading their drafts aloud, making it easier to spot errors and improve writing quality.
  8. Educational Use: Teachers can use the app to provide oral presentations of lesson materials, making learning more inclusive.
  9. Content Review: Professionals can use the app to review lengthy documents or reports without straining their eyes.
  10. Relaxation: Users can listen to novels or articles for leisure, reducing eye strain and enhancing relaxation.

Who is Voice Dream Reader for?

Voice Dream Reader is for you if you are a student with dyslexia, a busy professional needing to multitask, a language learner, or someone with visual impairments. It is also ideal for anyone who prefers listening to reading or wants to enhance their reading efficiency.

Voice Dream Reader is not for you if you need a free or low-cost solution, as it requires a subscription. Additionally, if you prefer a highly intuitive user interface or need an app compatible with Android or Windows, you might want to consider other options.

Voice Dream Reader Pricing

Voice Dream Reader offers a subscription model:

  • Annual Subscription: $59.99 per year, which includes access to both iOS and Mac apps, all voices, unlimited listening, and all premium features.

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