Wonderchat webpage with text 'Instantly build AI chatbots from your knowledge base', and a chatbot interface example.

What is Wonderchat.io?

Wonderchat.io is a tool that allows users to create AI chatbots trained on their data, enhancing customer interaction and support.

Wonderchat.io Key Features

  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Customizable AI chatbot training on user-specific data
  • Real-time customer interaction and support
  • Analytics and performance tracking
  • Multi-language support

5 Use Cases of Wonderchat.io

  • E-commerce: Enhancing customer service by providing instant responses to product inquiries.
  • Healthcare: Assisting patients with appointment scheduling and information retrieval.
  • Education: Supporting students with course information and administrative queries.
  • Finance: Offering real-time assistance with account management and financial advice.
  • Travel: Helping customers with booking details and travel itineraries.

Wonderchat.io Pricing

  • Free Plan: Limited features, including 10 messages, 50 web pages, and 10 PDF pages.
  • Lite Plan: $49/month – 500 messages, 1,000 web pages, and 200 PDF pages.
  • Business Plan: $99/month – 1,000 messages, 2,500 web pages, and 500 PDF pages.
  • Turbo Plan: $249/month – 5,000 messages, 5,000 web pages, and 2,000 PDF pages.
  • Professional Plan: $499/month – 10,000 messages, 10,000 web pages, and 6,000 PDF pages.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for tailored solutions.

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