Homepage of Originality.ai highlighting their AI checker, plagiarism checker, and fact checker with the tagline 'Lets You Publish with Integrity,' including options for pricing, features, resources, and login/sign-up buttons.

What is Originality.AI?

Originality.AI is a powerful plagiarism and AI content detection tool that helps ensure the originality and integrity of your written work. By leveraging advanced algorithms, it can accurately identify duplicated, paraphrased, or AI-generated content, giving you peace of mind when publishing.

Originality.AI Key Features

  • Detects plagiarism, including paraphrased and AI-generated content
  • Scans against a vast database of online sources
  • Provides detailed similarity reports and source comparisons
  • Supports multiple file formats and integrations
  • User-friendly interface and batch processing capabilities

5 Use Cases of Originality.AI

  1. Glenn Gabe from GSQI.com uses Originality.AI as his go-to tool for detecting AI-generated content, finding it one of the best on the market.

  2. Kityo Martin from Clicking Publish relies on Originality.AI to verify the originality of content received from freelancers and outsourced writers, ensuring it meets their high standards.

  3. Joe Davies Founder of FatJoe has extensively tested Originality.AI and found it challenging to fool, even with AI content edited by humans.

  4. Gael Breton Founder of Authority Hacker uses Originality.AI to detect nuanced cases of AI content edited by humans, as the tool accurately identifies the right story.

  5. Tom Demers from searchengineland.com frequently uses Originality.AI to check content submitted by freelance writers for AI and plagiarism.

Who is Originality.AI for?

This tool is for you if you value originality, integrity, and authenticity in your written content. Whether you’re a blogger, author, academic, or content creator, Originality.AI can help ensure that your work is free from plagiarism and AI-generated content, protecting your reputation and credibility.

Originality.AI is not for you if you have no concerns about the originality of your content or if you intentionally want to publish plagiarized or AI-generated work. It’s also not suitable if you’re looking for a free solution, as Originality.AI is a paid service.

Originality.AI Pricing

  • Here is the pricing information for Originality.ai:

  • Pay As You Go

    • Price: $30 (one-time)

    • Credits: 3,000

    • Features: AI Scan, Plagiarism Scan, Readability Scan, 30 Day Scan History, Shareable Reports

  • Pro

    • Price: $14.95/month

    • Credits: 2,000/month

    • Features: AI Scan, Plagiarism Scan, Readability Scan, 30 Day Scan History, Shareable Reports, File Upload, Full Site Scans, Scan from URL, Team Management, Tag Scans, Access to Future Features

  • Enterprise

    • Price: $179/month

    • Credits: 15,000/month

    • Features: Same as Pro, plus Priority Support, 365 Day Scan History, API Access

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