What is Deepfake Detector?

Deepfake Detector is an AI tool designed to identify whether an audio or video is a deepfake, helping users distinguish between real and fake content effortlessly.

Deepfake Detector Key Features

  • High Accuracy: Achieves the highest accuracy in the market for identifying AI-generated audio and video.
  • AI Noise Remover: Removes background noise to enhance detection accuracy.
  • Versatile Detection: Not limited to specific voice cloning platforms.
  • Proven Effectiveness: Successfully used by individuals and companies, featured on popular USA news websites.
  • Fraud Prevention: Helps prevent significant financial losses by identifying deepfakes used in scams.

5 Use Cases of Deepfake Detector

  1. Financial Fraud Prevention: Identifies deepfake scams in financial transactions, protecting individuals and companies from significant losses.
  2. Security and Law Enforcement: Assists in verifying the authenticity of audio and video evidence.
  3. Media and Journalism: Ensures the credibility of news reports by detecting deepfake content.
  4. Corporate Communication: Verifies the authenticity of video calls and messages to prevent internal fraud.
  5. Personal Safety: Protects individuals from scams involving AI-generated voices and videos.

Who is Deepfake Detector for?

Deepfake Detector is for you if you need to verify the authenticity of audio and video content, whether for personal safety, financial security, or professional integrity. It’s ideal for financial institutions, law enforcement agencies, journalists, and corporate entities that require reliable deepfake detection. However, it may not be necessary for casual users who do not frequently encounter deepfake content.

Deepfake Detector Pricing

  • Pricing Type: Subscription
  • Price: $19.99 per month

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