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What is PlagiarismSearch?

PlagiarismSearch is an advanced online plagiarism detection tool designed to help students, teachers, writers, and businesses ensure the originality of their content. It offers comprehensive plagiarism reports and supports multiple file types and languages.

PlagiarismSearch Key Features

  • Continuous Improvement of Checking Algorithms: Regular updates to ensure the most accurate detection.
  • All Text Formats Acceptance: Supports various file types including .docx, .pdf, .txt, and more.
  • Source Identification: Provides detailed reports with links to the sources of plagiarized text.
  • API and LMS Integration: Seamless integration with learning management systems and other platforms.
  • Confidentiality Guarantee: Ensures 100% confidentiality of your documents.
  • Extensive Database Access: Checks against over 25,000 magazines, newspapers, journals, and other publications.
  • Multilingual Detection: Supports plagiarism detection in over 150 languages.
  • Google Docs Integration: Allows plagiarism checks directly within Google Docs.
  • Customizable Reports: Options to exclude citations and references from the plagiarism report.

5 Use Cases of PlagiarismSearch

  1. Academic Integrity: Universities and schools use PlagiarismSearch to ensure students submit original work and to uphold academic standards.
  2. Content Creation: Professional writers and bloggers use it to verify the uniqueness of their articles and avoid unintentional plagiarism.
  3. Business Documentation: Companies use it to check the originality of reports, proposals, and other business documents.
  4. Publishing: Editors and publishers use PlagiarismSearch to ensure the content they publish is original and not copied from other sources.
  5. Research Papers: Researchers use it to check their papers for plagiarism before submission to journals or conferences.

Who is PlagiarismSearch for?

PlagiarismSearch is for you if you are a student, teacher, writer, or business professional who needs to ensure the originality of your content. It is particularly useful for academic institutions, content creators, and businesses that require thorough and reliable plagiarism detection.

However, PlagiarismSearch may not be for you if you are looking for a free tool with limited features, as it offers a comprehensive set of features that come at a cost. Additionally, if you need a tool that checks for plagiarism in images or non-text content, PlagiarismSearch may not meet your needs.

PlagiarismSearch Pricing

  • Single Check: $9.95 for one submission up to 5000 words.
  • Basic Package: $17.95 for 10 submissions, each up to 1000 words.
  • Light Monthly Package: $22.95 for 100 submissions, each up to 1000 words, valid for 30 days.
  • Standard Monthly Package: $34.95 for 300 submissions, each up to 1000 words, valid for 30 days.
  • Light Yearly Package: $114.95 for 100 submissions, each up to 1000 words, valid for one year.
  • Standard Yearly Package: $174.95 for 300 submissions, each up to 1000 words, valid for one year.

PlagiarismSearch offers various packages to suit different needs, from single checks to monthly and yearly subscriptions, ensuring flexibility for all users.

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