5 Best AI Website Builders in 2024: to Hype or Not to Hype?​

Hi, and welcome to my review of the best AI website builders

Since you’re here, you must be planning to build a website.

And since you googled “AI website builder,” you want to do it darn fast, right? 

Got you! Been there, done that. I built my first website in 2021 using a drag-and-drop website builder, and it was a pain.

But the times have changed since then, and now you can get your perfect website done in minutes, so keep reading!  

To save your precious time, I tested a bunch of website builders, and here are my top picks for 2024: 


Create a stunning website in one click and customize it in a handy Figma-like interface.


Create a WordPress website in minutes, enjoy fast loading speeds and exceptional customer support.

Hostinger AI

Create, host, and promote a professional WordPress website with Hostinger AI   

In This Article:

AI website builders are getting big hype lately. And for good reason!

In 2024, who wants to spend hours building a site? You’re right: NOONE!

Best AI Website Builders - Blog post at RushTechHub.com

Here’s the deal:

The AI builders make it crazy fast and easy to get a site up. You just tell them what you want, and BOOM – the website is there.

Some even auto-generate content for you based on keywords. Keep reading to know which one exactly!

It’s like having your own web designer and ghost writer in one, but on steroids!

So, let me answer your question:

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Table of Contents

What are the Best AI Website Builders in 2024?

Best Overall

10web Homepage, it's the best overall AI website builder for quick website creation and migration

10Web is a no-brainer if you want to create a lighting-speed WordPress website (read: never let your clients bounce off from your page again).

Or if you’re about to snatch a competitor’s layout (no jokes!)

10Web Key Features

  • AI-driven website builder: answer the questions and get your site done
  • Drag-and-drop editor: it’s 2024, so you need no coding skills, I promise 
  • Elementor Integrated: you’ll use the best WP page builder for free
  • Page Speed over 90: make both clients and Google happy! 
  • Copy or Migrate: copy a competitor’s site or move yours to WordPress
  • Risk-Free: 30-day money-back guarantee

10Web Pros and Cons


  • Integration with Elementor will make your site creation as smooth as ever before.
  • Fast loading speeds will help you boost your rankings.
  • Fabulous customer support team solves your issues in no time.


  • You’ll need some time to get used to Elementor when editing
  • WordPress is highly customizable, but not always beginner-friendly

Who 10Web is For:

10Web is ideal for small business owners, bloggers, agencies and web developers who want to quickly build high-performing websites. The AI technology allows you to create an impressive site in minutes without any web design experience.

You can even make money with it since its website-boosting functions set it far apart from its competitors. 

What Makes 10Web Special:

10Web integrates directly with Elementor, the leading WordPress page builder. The AI builder helps you customize the design, layout and content. It also optimizes your site for speed with built-in caching and image Plugin.

With 10Web you get reliable managed hosting on Google Cloud and automatic WordPress updates. So you don’t need to worry about maintenance, security or backups.

I use 10Web Page Booster Plugin for my website, and it works fab, so I can only recommend! Look at these numbers: 

The proof that rushtechhub.com runs fast with the 10web Speed Booster Plugin
Tested with Experte.com

10Web Pricing

10Web offers 3 pricing plans: AI Starter, AI Premium, and AI Ultimate. The plans differ in the number of monthly visitors, SSD storage, and customer support.

  • AI Starter: $20/mo, 10K monthly visitors, 10GB SSD storage, 24/7 customer care

  • AI Premium: $30/mo, 50K monthly visitors, 15GB SSD storage, VIP priority support

  • AI Ultimate: $45/mo, 200K monthly visitors, 20GB SSD storage, VIP priority support + additional features (Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, 10x faster load times)

So, if you need an affordable website, that flies like a bullet, check out 10Web, and you won’t be disappointed. 

Best for WordPress Beginners

Hostinger AI website builder main page

Hostinger AI Key Features

  • AI-powered one-click website creation
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Built-in SEO and analytics tools
  • Affordable pricing

Hostinger AI Pros and Cons


  • Extremely easy to use for non-tech beginners
  • Websites can be created in under 5 minutes
  • Very affordable starting price
  • Generous included features for the price


    • Limited customization options for advanced users
    • Basic e-commerce functionality vs specialized platforms
    • Only one plan option
Hostinger AI website builder create website in 1 minute

Hostinger AI Website Builder is perfect for complete beginners who want an easy way to get online quickly. The AI assistant does most of the work, allowing you to build a functional site without any code. It’s affordable enough for testing ideas without a huge commitment.

Hostinger AI website builder add business details

I tried recreating my blog on Hostinger and was stunned by how fast and simple it was. I selected my category and the AI generated a polished one-page site in under a minute. It offered basic pages like About and Contact too.

The provided design options were clean and appealing for a non-designer like me. Two weeks in, my site is running smoothly with SEO and analytics set up with no effort.

Hostinger Pricing

The basic plan on Hostinger starts at just $2.99 per month, making it one of the most cost-effective options. It’s a perfect plan for testing the platform for 30 days. It includes all the essentials, such as SEO tools, Google Analytics integration, and even eCommerce features for online stores. 

If you’re intimidated by building a website but want an online presence now, Hostinger AI Website Builder is definitely worth a try. Its number of 5-star reviews on TrustPilot talks for itself! 

And the 30-day money-back guarantee means you have nothing to lose. Sign up today and see how quickly you can get your site up and running!

Best AI Website Builder for Fast Creation

Homepage of Framer AI one of the best ai website builders

Framer Key Features

  • “Create with AI” function for automated page generation
  • Extensive customization options for colors, fonts, etc.
  • Free hosting on custom domains
  • Usable by both professionals and newcomers
  • Powerful but easy-to-use interface

Framer Pros and Cons


  • Quickly build prototypes by importing Figma designs
  • Intuitive animation tools like Figma
  • Free custom domains with paid plans
  • Extensive video guides for learning
  • Flexible page layout without boxes


  • Needs Figma for complete designs
  • Certain elements won’t transfer from Figma
  • Still developing robust feature set

Framer AI completely reimagines the design process with its AI-powered page creation. With just a few clicks, you can have a polished site without any technical experience or design skills. Both novices and pros will appreciate its blend of speed, beauty, and control.

Best AI Webstite Builder for Beginners Framer AI

The first thing you do after creating your profile on Framer is to click Actions in the upper bar and then choose the “Create with AI” button. 

You add your prompt, and Framer will create everything you need – from the website name to the text and pictures

Screenshot of Framer.ai one of the Best AI Webstite Builder showing one of the version of website design

For Framer to take the website name you want into consideration, make it clear in the prompt (f.e., write “Name: SingWiz”). 

If you are happy with the initial result, you can instantly publish your website on Framer’s domain. 

You also can regenerate any section – choose a section and then click on the two stars on the right of it.

Best AI Webstite Builder for Beginners Framer

I wanted a different color scheme and clicked around to change the color pallet.

Best AI Webstite Builder for Beginners Framer

So, within a minute, I got a ready website optimized for mobile and tablet versions. 

Best AI Webstite Builder for Beginners Framer here is how your generated website looks

Once it’s ready, you can add and delete sections, generate more pages, add a blog, etc. 

Honestly, I was floored by how quickly Framer produced a high-quality initial mockup from my prompt. 

The auto-styled pages gave me an ideal starting point to customize further. Whether tweaking colors or completely rearranging sections, the intuitive tools made adjustments a breeze. 

I had a publish-ready site on my domain in less than an hour without touching the code once.


Framer Pricing, it's the best AI website builder to create stunning websites in a figma-like interface in seconds!

Framer offers four site plans to suit different needs:

  • Free: For hobby sites with limited features.
  • Mini: For simple sites with custom domain and up to 1,000 visitors per month.
  • Basic: For personal sites with 150 pages, password protection, and one CMS collection.
  • Pro: For larger sites with unlimited pages, analytics, staging, and ten CMS collections.

Framer also offers Workspace Plans for teams:

  • Free: For tiny teams to collaborate on free sites.
  • Basic: For small teams with up to five editors.
  • Pro: For bigger teams with up to ten editors.
  • Enterprise: For large organizations with custom editors, unlimited workspaces, and dedicated support.

Ready to take your web design workflow to the next level? Don’t wait another minute. Try Framer today! 

Best for E-Commerce Websites

Wix AI website builder schreenshot

Wix AI Key Features

Every E-commerce junkie and dropshipping guru knows WIX, but not everyone knows its AI website builder did undergo a little update lately.

Now it allows you to build full websites by typing a description and answering follow-up questions, it’s exactly like talking to ChatGPT.

How It Works:

You visit Wix.com and click “Get Started.” Then, choose the right editor:

A page on Wix where you have to choose between platforms

Here, you can tell AI everything about your business. 

Remember: garbage in – garbage out! So try to be as precise as possible when prompting. 

02 A page on Wix where you have to if you want to create your website with ai or not

After you choose the type of your commerce and come up with the name (you can always change it later on), explain your business type, and so on. 

A page on Wix AI Website Builder where you have to choose and add your website name

If you get hit with writer’s block at this exact moment, click “Help me Answer,” and then AI generates it for you, you lazy bum.

a chat bot integrated into Wix AI Website Builder asks you questions about your business

After you’re done answering the questions, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard, where you can add some important functions. When you’re done with that, click “Design Site”

Once Wix AI Website Builder Chatbot gathered the information it will lead you to your Dashboard where you can add services, custom domain, etc.

And here comes my little disappointment. Exactly here, the Wix AI Site Generator becomes old but gold WIX ADI. But it’s not that bad, though! 

Best AI Webstite Builder for Beginners WIX

So I went on. Here you pick up the theme that you like most. I went with “Classic.”

Best AI Webstite Builder for Beginners WIX

After that, you can choose your favorite layout from the three versions. The Wix Library provides copyright-free images that are automatically added.

Best AI Webstite Builder for Beginners

Wix Site Generator will need just a few seconds to create all your chosen pages. This is what makes Wix stand out. For example, working with competitor platforms, you often generate each page separately.

Best AI Webstite Builder Framer
Best AI Webstite Builder for Beginners

Pretty crazy, right? With Wix AI Site Generator, your new site is ready to go in minutes flat.

Now, you can hit the Dashboard to customize stuff like webpage preferences. Or open the Editor to tweak your content. It’s super simple.

Wix also has a bunch of apps integrated and ready to use – like social media, booking, and email marketing tools, etc. This gives your users a killer experience and helps you grow your business.

Plus, built-in SEO tools and integration with Google Analytics and Search Console give you awesome insights into how your site performs and how peeps use it.

Bottom line: Wix is changing the game to create amazing online presences. It’s perfect for solopreneurs and small business owners wanting to get online fast.

Wix Pricing

Wix AI Site generator pricing

Wix offers premium plans for businesses at different price points based on the features included. 

The plans range from the Light plan at €11.90/month up to the Enterprise plan where pricing is customized. 

All premium plans offer basic features like a custom domain, no Wix branding, and 24/7 customer support. 

Higher priced plans include more collaborators, storage space, marketing capabilities, ecommerce features, and advanced analytics. 

Wix recommends the Business Elite plan which is €177.31/month for those looking to scale their business, with benefits like 15 collaborators, unlimited storage, payment processing, and robust ecommerce tools. Customers can also get €68 credit towards a new premium plan when upgrading from the old Unlimited plan that was €11.50/month.

Start building with Wix today to experience how AI can elevate your online presence potential. You and your idea deserve a flawlessly tailored digital home – so let their innovative technology bring your vision to life.

Best for Businesses, Marketers, Freelancers, and Professionals

Durable Main Page, it's one of the best ai website builders that promises to create a website in 30 seconds

Durable AI is not just a tool but a revolution in web development. This AI-powered website builder is making waves on the market and promises to deliver fully functional websites in seconds.

Durable Key Features:

  • 30-second website creation
  • Comprehensive editing and customization tools
  • Integrated business management features
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  • Domain registration and hosting services
  • AI-powered copywriting

Durable Pros and Cons


  • Extremely fast initial website setup
  • Affordable pricing with a money-back guarantee
  • All-in-one platform for basic business needs


  • Starts with creating just a single page
  • Limited design customization options
  • Not suitable for complex enterprise sites

Durable promises us to create a website in 30 seconds, so let’s try!
To build a website, you just need to mention your niche (I went with “Cleaning”. Then enter your Company Name or check the suggestions from Durable. 

I went with my idea – “Queen City Cleaners,” and in 30 seconds, a one-page website was ready. 

Two things are really cool: 

  1. I didn’t have to register or log in to try things out.
  2. Once the website is ready, you can regenerate any single section separately.

In short, Durable AI is easy to use. You don’t need coding skills to make professional-looking websites. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive.

The drag-and-drop functionality allows for easy addition and arrangement of elements on the website. Users appreciate the AI-powered features that optimize websites for speed, performance, and SEO. 

Durable’s built-in analytics and tracking tools provide valuable insights to monitor performance and make data-driven decisions.

Durable Pricing

Durable AI website builder pricing details

Durable offers a free plan as well as paid plans starting at $12 per month. The free plan includes a subdomain and 3 pages, while the paid plans include a custom domain, more pages, and additional features. 

Durable also offers a white label program for agencies and businesses that want to sell websites to their clients.

Still, Durable makes running a business easier. You can try their AI Assistant to take care of admin tasks and answer questions, their CRM to keep track of customer interactions, and their invoicing system to speed up billing. Plus, they offer an AI-powered website builder and a blog builder. All these tools are easy to use and efficient, so businesses can save time and focus on their primary work.


The “best” AI website builder depends on your needs and goals. However, some of the top contenders include Framer AI, Wix ADI, 10Web.io, Durable AI, and Hostinger AI Website Builder. Each platform offers unique features and capabilities, so it’s worth exploring each to see which fits your needs best. I prefer Framer: even if AI created only one page, Framer’s design is outstanding, but the other platforms discussed in this post provide basic design styles.

Several AI website builders offer free plans or trials. Framer AI, for example, offers a free plan with limited features, ideal for individual users or those who want to test the platform. Similarly, Wix ADI and 10Web.io let you create a full AI-generated website to try their features risk-free.

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a powerful language model that can generate human-like text. While it can assist in generating content for a website, it can t build a website from scratch. You would need a website builder for that.

AI website builders can generate a basic website structure based on user input. Generally, you have to input information about your business, and AI will do its job in a few minutes. However, you might have to make many changes to create a website that meets your needs 100 percent. 

Wix offers a free version, but it comes with limitations. You must upgrade to one of their premium plans to access more advanced features, such as adding your domain.

AI can help with website design but can’t replace human web designers yet. AI can make basic designs based on user input, but it lacks the creativity and understanding of human designers. 

Complex projects still need the human touch and unique designs. AI can simplify the design process, but skilled web designers are still necessary.


AI website builders are seriously shaking up how sites get made. 

Each builder has its own superpowers. 

Choosing the right one depends on your skills, budget, and how custom you want to go.

Let me break it down:

  • If you want your website to go fast and furious, 10Web is for you. You will outrank your competitors in no time!  
  • If you’re new to websites, try WIX. Their drag-and-drop AIs make it so easy. Just tell it what you want – the AI does the rest.
  • If you want it affordable, go for Hostinger AI. Learning classical WordPress might be a tricky task, but it’s worth it.  

I’m rooting for you. Now get out there, take the plunge, and build that website. You got this!

Hey, I’m Kirill, and I love technology. I created RushTechHub.com to help people understand things that seem to be complicated. I write about various topics, such as new apps and exciting AI advancements, and try to provide easy-to-understand insights.

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