7+ Untapped AI Business Ideas to Consider in 2024: Are They Worth Trying?


Don’t hate me. We’re in a digital revolution.

And I know you already thought of trying to make money with ChatGPT.

Artificial intelligence is taking over everything. 

It already can reimagine your home for you or clone your voice in seconds. 

AI business ideas already let many people generate incredible revenue by optimizing processes in ways we never thought possible.

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Untapped AI Business Ideas to Go For in 2024 (Before It's Too Late) - Blog post at RushTechHub.com

However, not all AI business ideas are created equal. You can’t just slap machine learning on a tired concept and expect it to print money.

The AI has to improve the customer experience or increase efficiency in a meaningful way.

Preparing this post, I researched a solid amount of content on the internet and realized that many ideas repeat themselves. I constantly read about AI photography and AI-powered virtual assistants

In this post, we’ll explore some of the most untapped, thus the most promising, AI business ideas that will likely take off in 2024.

Ready to harness artificial intelligence like never before? Keep on reading! 

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What Are the Best Business Ideas to Follow in 2024?

When picking an AI business for 2024, look at current market trends. What new tech is disrupting things? How are businesses changing? 

You can use tools like Exploding Topics to help you find the right trendy niche ready to burst. 

I decided to concentrate on the ideas that would be suitable for solopreneurs. A lot of people are considering starting some side hustle

A chart showing groups of people searching for a side hustle in 2023

Let’s look at statistics. In 2023, 80 million working Americans (39%) reported having a side hustle, with millennials leading at 50%.

An impressive 60 million Americans intended to begin a side hustle in 2023. Gen Z shows a keen interest, with 70% seeking a side hustle and 64% aiming to monetize projects on social media within a year.

Gender-wise, Side Hustle Nation’s visitor data reveals a relatively even split, with females at 45% and males at 55%. This chart underscores the burgeoning trend of side hustles across diverse demographics.

So, you are one of them? Let’s see what AI business ideas you can go for in 2024. 

1. Digital Dropshipping


  • 5 out of 10

Tools Needed:

  • eCommerce platform like Gumroad ($10-$25/month)
  • Content creation tools like InVideo ($20/month)
  • TikTok competitor analysis tools like TokAudit ($5/month)
  • Business trend search tools like Exploding Topics (Free-$50/month)
  • Email marketing like Mailchimp (Free-$199/month)

Cost to Start: 

  • $100-$500

Digital dropshipping is a new online business model that’s growing fast. It involves selling digital products like courses, ebooks, and software

How to Start Digital Dropshipping:

  1. Find a niche. Pick a specific audience, like busy moms or gamers. Use Google Trends to see popular topics.
  2. Make products for your niche. Create helpful ebooks, video lessons, audio content, templates, etc. AI tools can help build products quickly.
  3. Market your products. Before you run Facebook or TikTok ads, consider boosting your content organically. Use TikTok SEO hacks to grow reach. Repurpose this content for YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. Create content in several languages.
  4. Deliver value. Make sure your products help people. Solve problems for your niche. Satisfied customers will be repeat buyers.

For example, create a course on starting a podcast. Have lessons on equipment, editing, and getting listeners. Sell it for $99. Market to hobbyists wanting their show.

If you are too shy to show up in front of a camera, let one of these video tools do the heavy lifting for you. 


  • Very low startup costs
  • High-profit margins on digital products
  • Easy to automate and scale
  • Global reach for selling digital goods
  • Higher profit since there are no shipping costs
  • Instant delivery to customers
  • Easy to create products with AI


  • Requires some expertise in digital marketing
  • It can be hard to differentiate your products
  • Must consistently create social media content to promote
  • Risk of saturated market over time

Digital dropshipping can earn over $100k annually with the right niche and products. The business can scale fast since everything is digital. And profit margins are enormous compared to physical products.

So, rather than shipping physical products, consider selling digital downloads. Identify eager buyers, make something useful, and market it. This new model is the future of e-commerce!

2. AI Automation Agency


  • 8 out of 10

Tools Needed:

  • Chatbot software like Dialogflow ($0-$100/month)
  • CRM like HubSpot ($45-$300/month)
  • Project management software like Asana ($0-$30 per user/month)

Cost to Start: 

  • $500-$1000

Many companies want to use artificial intelligence but don’t know how. They would like to enhance their customer interaction and facilitate business processes. This creates a big chance to start an AI automation agency in 2024.

An AI agency helps other businesses use AI to guarantee improved efficiency. For example, you could build chatbots that handle simple customer questions and understand customer behavior. This saves the company money on call center staff.

And which company doesn’t like cost savings

How to Start an AI Automation Agency:

  1. Pick a niche. Don’t try to help all types of companies. Choose a specific niche, like dentists or car dealers. Learn the niche’s needs around AI. Become an expert to charge more.
  2. Start with AI-powered chatbots. Build chatbots that can answer basic questions and book appointments. Chatbots are excellent first AI tools for beginners. Once you build one, you can tweak it for other clients.
  3. Get experience. Offer to build a simple bot for a company for cheap or free. This will let you learn. Get testimonials you can show future clients.
  4. Create an offer. Design a package around your AI service. For example, build chatbots for dental offices for $1500 upfront and $250 monthly. Show how it will save money automating repetitive tasks or creating marketing campaigns on the go.
  5. Find clients. Use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Maps to find potential customers in your niche. Email and cold call them to set up talks to demo your service.
  6. Deliver projects. Set clear rules upfront. Have clients sign agreements and pay deposits. Finish bots on time. Get feedback to improve.
  7. Go deeper over time. Stick to your leading service, like chatbots, at first. Later, you can add more complex AI tools for existing clients. Don’t spread yourself thin.
  8. Invest in marketing. Use ads and SEO to get more leads. Optimize your website to convert visitors. Sales and marketing are essential to grow.
  9. Have systems. Document your processes so you can train others. This lets you scale smoothly. Hire help but set clear rules on work and communication.


  • Helping other businesses adopt AI is a growing need
  • You can start with a niche to focus your expertise
  • Recurring revenue model with existing clients
  • Leverages AI tools to be more efficient


  • Requires technical knowledge of AI and chatbots
  • Needs ongoing marketing and sales to find new clients
  • Client projects can be complex depending on the needs
  • Scaling involves hiring and training staff
Starting an AI agency takes focus and effort. But you can build a successful automation business by specializing in a niche and following these steps. Help companies use AI while earning passive income!

3. AI Website Creation


  • 7 out of 10

Tools Needed:

  • Website builder like 10Web($12-$36/month)
  • Graphic design tools like Canva ($0-$30/month)
  • Domain and hosting like Hostinger ($5-$20/month)

Cost to Start: 

  • $100-$500

No one will deny that having a professional and fast website is extremely important. But many small business owners have neither the skills nor time to build one. This creates a significant opportunity for an AI website creation business.

You can quickly make nice-looking, affordable websites for local companies with AI. Here’s how it works:

Many small businesses need websites. However, learning web design takes a lot of time. And hiring a pro developer costs thousands.

Website builders like Wix and Squarespace help some. But these still require learning new software. And they limit custom designs. I spent several weeks building a website on Wix several years ago, and I wouldn’t like to repeat the whole process from scratch. 

This is where an AI web creation service comes in. You can offer simple, pre-designed sites using AI tools.

First, have some website templates created to showcase your skills. Use a platform like Framer to design templates for common company types – restaurants, plumbers, salons, etc.

How to Start an AI Website Creation Business:

  1. Research: Check Google Maps to see which small businesses in your area don’t have a website or have a poorly made one. You will be surprised by the amount of such companies around you! 
  2. Offer: present your web service to local companies and shops. Explain how you can make them an affordable site in just days without any work on their part. Create a clear offer using ChatGPT, and list all the possible changes you can make to the website, including boosting its speed and improving its local SEO ranking
  3. Creation: When clients sign up, collect their content, such as logo, photos, menu, and contact info. Recreate the website using an AI website builder. Use AI to customize parts of the site with their details.
  4. Be fast: Deliver the finished website within a week. Provide limited edits if needed. Charge a monthly fee for hosting and maintenance.
  5. Show your work: start with a few templates and offer primary sites. As you grow, add more designs, features, and higher tiers. But keep the process fast and hassle-free for clients.
  6. Use AI: Use tools like ChatGPT to write concise web content for clients. Have AI crop or enhance images, too. The goal is to automate as much as possible to scale.
  7. Promote your services: post heavily on social media and local directories. For example, TikTok’s algorithm favors local content. So, if you start to post videos, local entrepreneurs will be the first to see you. Offer deals and build case studies.


  • Recurring revenue from hosting and maintenance
  • Automating with AI allows faster website build
  • Fixed offerings are easier to scale than custom sites


  • Requires some web development knowledge
  • Limited customization compared to full agencies
  • Relying too much on templates may limit quality
  • Must research the market constantly to find new clients
With this AI web service, you can help small companies, shops, and restaurants get an online presence quickly and affordably. They get a good-looking website without any work. You earn ongoing income with little time invested per client!

4. AI Webhosting Business


  • 7 out of 10

Tools Needed:

  • AI web hosting platforms like 10Web ($49-$199/month)
  • Email and CRM like HubSpot ($45-$300/month)
  • Accounting like QuickBooks ($5-$75/month)

Cost to Start: 

  • $200-$500

Many companies need websites but struggle with tech parts. This makes an automated hosting service using AI a great opportunity.

With 10Web’s AI tools, you can offer clients easy website hosting and support. The AI handles the technical work, so you don’t need deep skills.

How to Start an AI Webhosting Business:

    1. Find potential customers: Use tools like BuiltWith to determine the CMS used to build the website. If it says WordPress, you’re good to go!
    2. Make an offer: Your 10Web AI hosting service makes it easy. Clients get fast speed, security, backups, and design tools in one package. 10Web’s AI manages migrations, speed fixes, malware removal, new templates – all the complex stuff. You focus on sales and support. You can also use 10Web’s site builder for easy AI website creation. If the client’s website was not built on WordPress, you can copy it entirely using the 10web.io recreate function
    3. Target local companies: Use calls and emails. Offer to migrate them to 10Web’s AI platform. Show how much you’ll improve their site. Explain how your service gives them complete web hosting without any effort on their end. 10Web’s AI handles the hosting, security, and management.
    4. Give excellent customer service: Be responsive, provide performance reports, and offer site updates. Become a trusted advisor.
    5. Expand: Add services like SEO, content creation, and email marketing as you grow—more value for clients.
    6. Grow: Hire customer service and sales staff so you can focus on big-picture strategy. Continue optimizing the use of 10Web’s AI systems.


  • Web hosting is a huge market
  • Automation handles technical complexities
  • Can provide excellent customer service
  • Recurring hosting fees for steady income


  • Requires expertise in using WordPress and AI systems
  • Risk of technical issues that need troubleshooting
  • Security and uptime are crucial to avoid damage to the reputation
  • Admin tasks like billing still require human oversight

Lots of companies have outdated or slow websites. Or they get hacked. They want help, but traditional hosting takes effort to manage.

An automated hosting service has huge potential for passive income with little ongoing work. 10Web’s AI does the heavy lifting while you handle clients! 

5. AI Faceless YouTube Channel


  • 6 out of 10

Tools Needed:

  • AI voice generator like ElevenLabs ($5-$100/month)
  • Video editing tools like CapCut (Free)
  • Stock media like Storyblocks ($0-$34.99/month)
  • AI image generator like Midjourney ($10/month)
  • YouTube competitor analysis tools like TubeBuddy ($5-$26)

Cost to Start: 

  • $5-$100

One of the hottest AI side hustles is launching a faceless YouTube channel with an AI avatar and computer-generated voiceover. This removes the need to appear on camera or record your audio.

How to Start a Faceless YouTube Channel using AI:

  1. Pick a profitable niche. Choose evergreen topics like health, finance, relationships, or popular hobbies with a large target audience
  2. Research keywords and topics. Use free tools like VidIQ to find high-volume search terms and pinpoint video ideas people want and trend-research tools like Exploding Topics to figure out what is currently in trend.

  3. Create and upload videos consistently. It takes time and consistency to build authority and viewership. Plan to publish at least two videos per week.

  4. Reinvest earnings. Use your growing profits to improve video quality, hire freelancers, and promote your content. 

  5. Write scripts: You script video ideas around popular topics, keywords, and search trends.

  6. Create videos: Combine AI narration with images, video clips, and graphics using affordable editing software like CapCut. You can also use HeyGen to create a digital presenter for your videos.

  7. Upload your video: Upload your polished videos to YouTube and optimize them for SEO.


  • Very low startup costs
  • Completely passive income model
  • Videos continue earning long-term
  • AI automation speeds up content creation


  • It is hard to build a large, loyal audience
  • YouTube algorithm changes can reduce views
  • Producing high-quality videos still takes work
  • Niche can become saturated over time
While it may take 50+ videos to gain traction, YouTube is one of the most rewarding side hustles once your channel finds its audience. It’s an excellent way to profit from AI technology as a beginner due to the low startup costs yet high potential upside.

6. AI Copywriter


  • 7 out of 10

Tools Needed:

  • AI writing like ChatGPT or Claude AI ($0-$25/month)
  • Grammar check like Grammarly ($12-$30/month)
  • Project management tools like Trello (Free-$17.50/month)
  • SEO Content optimization tools like Frase.io ($14.99)
  • Plagiarism detection tools like Originality AI 
  • AI-to-human text tools like GPTInf

Cost to Start: 

  • $5-$200

AI tools can also write high-quality, long-form content. As an AI copywriter, you can leverage these writing assistants to create client marketing materials.

For example, you could offer to transcribe your client’s videos or podcasts into blog posts, social media updates, and email newsletters. This repurposes their content to reach new audiences.

You can check this prompt library if you struggle to write good prompts. 

How to Start AI Copywriting Business:

  1. Compile a list of creators in your niche with over 100,000 followers.

  2. Reach out and offer your transcription and writing services for free at first.

  3. Use AI tools like Cohesive AI to create written content based on their shows quickly.

  4. Check for plagiarism and readability, and humanize AI text if needed. 

  5. Ensure your texts are skimmable, readable, provide value and can bypass AI detection

  6. Deliver great work and offer your services on an ongoing basis for monthly revenue of $2000+ 

  7. Take on 4-5 big clients at that rate, then continue raising your prices over time.


  • Leverages AI writing to create content fast
  • Helps content creators expand distribution
  • Recurring revenue model with ongoing clients
  • Very scalable with the help of AI


  • Requires strong writing skills and understanding of copywriting
  • Risk of plagiarism or low-quality output
  • Must constantly market to find new clients
  • Relying too much on AI can reduce quality

Most content creators focus heavily on producing videos and podcasts. They rarely have time to create written summaries and highlights of their shows. 

By taking this extra work off their plate, they can expand their reach while you earn an excellent monthly income.

7. AI-powered Affiliate Blog


  • 8 out of 10

Tools Needed:

  • AI writing like ChatGPT or Claude AI ($0-$25/month)
  • Grammar check like Grammarly ($12-$30/month)
  • Keyword research tools like AHhrefs ($105/month)
  • SEO Content optimization tools like Frase.io ($14.99)
  • Plagiarism detection tools like Originality AI 
  • AI-to-human text tools like GPTInf
  • AI bulk content creation tools like Article Fiesta ($20-$100/month)

Cost to Start: 

  • $150-$500

You might be surprised, but creating an affiliate blog using artificial intelligence is still a good idea. You write articles, gain an audience slowly,  and earn money when readers click affiliate links.

How to Start an AI-Powered Affiliate Blog

  1. Pick a niche. Don’t blog about random topics. Choose one area you enjoy, like cooking, travel, or gardening. Become an expert in that niche.
  2. Do keyword research. Use tools like Ahrefs to find keywords people search related to your niche—target keywords with low competition and high search volume.
  3. Get a domain and hosting. Choose either your name or a catchy name related to your niche. Pick a name that will let you pivot to another sub-niche if needed. Use an affordable hosting provider like Hostinger.
  4. Make content. Write posts that rank for your target keywords. Aim for 1,500+ words. Add photos and videos. Use Grammarly to polish your writing.
  5. Include affiliate links. Join programs like Amazon Associates—link to products you recommend. You earn commissions when readers purchase through your links.
  6. Promote your blog. Share your articles on social media. Interact in groups related to your niche. Comment on other blogs. Build an audience. Create a Twitter (X) account, and consider using TikTok and YouTube to attract more readers.
  7. Track your progress. Use Google Analytics to see your traffic and clicks. 
  8. Write consistently. Publish 1-2 new posts per week. Old posts keep bringing affiliate income as they rank higher over time. The more high-quality content, the better.
  9. Stay focused. Stick to your niche. Say no to opportunities outside your core focus. Don’t let your blog become disorganized.


  • Low startup costs to get a blog up and running
  • It can be partly automated with AI writing and creation tools
  • It allows you to become an expert in a niche you enjoy
  • Scales through SEO as old posts continue to bring traffic/money


  • Requires significant time investment at the start
  • Months of consistency are needed before seeing results
  • Google algorithm changes can negatively impact traffic
  • Niche can become saturated with competition
  • Risk of relying too much on AI for content creation
  • Affiliate commissions are often small per sale
  • Income relies heavily on SEO and ranking ability
Making money with an affiliate blog takes time. But you can earn passive affiliate income by consistently publishing value-driven content that ranks high in search engines!

Why should you launch your AI business ideas in 2024?

A young entrepreneur who found a profitable AI business idea

If you have a new AI business idea, 2024 is the perfect time to jump in. Here’s why:

First, technology is catching up to do complex AI tasks. Fast networks, quantum computing – the tech landscape is ready for intelligent AI. Strike while it’s hot.

Also, more companies use AI to make money. Early AI businesses can lock in deals before others jump in.

Plus, people are getting cool with AI helpers and intelligent tech. AI can make customer satisfaction skyrocket. Start now while everyone’s excited.

Finally, other entrepreneurs are cooking up AI ideas, too. You want to beat them and be first. Wait too long, and someone might steal your idea!

2024 is perfect for a new beginning. The tech will be ready. Companies will buy it. People will like it. And you can be first before others copy you.

Pros and Cons of Launching an AI Business

Starting any new business has risks. However, an AI business has unique pros and cons. Here are some to consider if starting an AI company in 2023:


  • AI is the future. More companies will use it over time. Getting in now lets you build expertise.
  • Online AI businesses have low start costs. There is no need for an office or inventory. Easy to run from anywhere.
  • AI can automate routine tasks. This saves on labor costs. Chatbots handle customer service without human staff.
  • AI businesses can scale fast. An AI tool like a chatbot can serve unlimited customers with little extra work.
  • The monthly revenue potential is high. Companies pay monthly fees for access to AI tools and services.


  • AI is still new for some customers. It may take time to prove value and make sales.
  • AI skills are in demand. Finding and keeping talented AI developers has challenges.
  • AI models require lots of data. Getting quality datasets can be difficult and expensive.
  • AI can have bias problems. Models need extensive testing to avoid discrimination.
  • Server costs add up. Running AI models uses lots of processing power, which has a cost.

As with any startup, creating an AI company has tradeoffs. But for entrepreneurs willing to learn AI skills and take some risks, the potential rewards are massive in the coming years!


AI opens exciting opportunities for starting profitable companies. With deep learning algorithms, AI can automate complex processes and open new revenue streams. However, human intelligence is still needed to provide strategic direction and identify target markets.

Before starting, check founder case studies on YouTube and X (former Twitter) for practical tips. Don’t underestimate the work required. AI is still in the early stages, so educating customers takes effort. Keep grinding. The future looks bright!


AI saves money by making business processes more efficient. It automates tasks so you need less staff. And AI tools can bring in monthly revenue like chatbots or advertising.

AI can improve business efficiency. It can free up staff by handling routine tasks like manual data entry or social media posts creation. If used skillfully, AI tools can replace the whole marketing agency, bringing your product in front of the target customer at a fraction of the cost.

Not fully yet. But AI can do many routine and complex tasks like customer service and accounting. With AI support, humans still need to make big decisions. But AI saves lots of time.


Yes, AI companies can be very profitable. The market for AI-powered systems and services is growing fast. And AI tools bring in monthly revenue while improving efficiency. There is lots of potential in the AI business landscape.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, and if you decide to buy any of the promoted products, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. By doing this, I might feel more inspired to continue writing on this blog. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy

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