How to Make AI Text Undetectable in 2024 (Tools and Prompts Included)


Stressed about the next Google update smashing your AI-written content? Afraid to lose your rankings overnight?

Relax. I’ve got some sweet tricks for you!

With the right strategies, you can make AI text undetectable while upholding quality.

In this guide, I will share a bad-ass prompt that will turn your lazy chatbot into an undetectable AI writer. I spent WEEKS testing ways to sneak AI-generated writing past tools like GPTZero and Originality AI, and now I’m sharing it all with you.

After you’re done reading, your lousy AI text will not only sound totally HUMAN-WRITTEN. It will stay UNDETECTABLE even for the most advanced algorithms, keeping your brand’s quality and uniqueness.

Ready for some secret sauce? Then let’s go!

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How to Make AI Text Undetectable

A flat vector illustration showing a robotic hand holding a magnifying glass in front of a computer screen. The magnifying glass is focused on the tex

I know you’re busy, so here are the key points to save your time:

  • Use AI masking tools like GPTInf or to rewrite the text in a more human way.

  • Use my prompt inside Claude AI to rewrite your texts with more natural tone and flexion.

  • Manually edit AI text to vary sentences, fix errors, and add human touch.

  • Combine multiple writing styles from different AI tools for more uniqueness.

  • Train AI on diverse human-written texts and ask it to create a prompt.

  • Avoid mistakes like using AI tools out of the box without customizing them.

  • Review the final text with the Grammarly editor to catch any issues before posting or sending out.

  • Focus on creating high-quality content that both readers and Google bots will enjoy.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, and if you decide to buy any of the promoted products, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. By doing this, I might feel more inspired to continue writing on this blog. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy

Table of Contents

Understanding AI Detection and Its Risks

To understand how to bypass AI detection, you need to know how it works in the first place.

AI detectors use advanced natural language processing algorithms and statistical models to analyze writing style, grammar, and linguistic patterns. Their goal is to determine if a piece of text was machine-generated or written by a human.

These detectors look for signs like

  • Repetitive phrasing
  • Predictable sentence structure
  • Unnatural word usage

The more wordy and robotic the writing seems, the more likely the detector will flag it as AI-generated text.

Getting your content flagged can seriously harm your site’s search rankings and credibility.

You may object: Google says that AI-generated content won’t be penalized.

Yes, it’s true. But Google still says your content must be:

  • Readable
  • Engaging
  • Provide value
  • Trustworthy

The fact is that high-quality human-written content offers more value to users.

AI-generated text is often less readable and appears spammy. Why? Because it’s extremely wordy, repetitive, and hard to understand. 

You can check for yourself: just compare this article intro: 

A sample of a human written text shown inside of a Google Doc showcasing the difference between well and badly readable texts

To this one:

A sample of a AI-written text shown inside of a Google Doc showcasing the difference between well and badly readable texts

Which of the two was engaging from the first sentence? Not the second one, right?

Important: Both these articles are blog posts targeting a general audience; none of them is supposed to use complicated language.

This is why humanizing your text and bypassing AI detection is important!

If AI-generated text is indistinguishable from human-written content it is authentic for Google and pleasant for your target audience.

Easy Ways to Make AI Text Undetectable

1. Use an AI-masking tool

Tools like GPTInf or Undetectable.AI can rewrite and humanize your content. They rephrase an AI-written text to sound more like human writing, often fooling even the best detectors.

2. Use your AI assistant

You can use Claude AI to rewrite its own content in a more natural way. Creating a custom prompt can help the AI produce less robotic output. I share my prompt below in this blog post. Check it out!

3. Manually edit the AI text

I know it’s way too obvious! But you can improve flow, add transitions, and fix errors. Look for repetitive or predictable phrases that make your piece of content sound robotic. Increasing readability will make a huge difference.

After you’re done, double-check using content detection tools, even if they often provide false positives.

And run your AI-generated writing through Grammarly to catch grammar issues.

The key is to use a combination of techniques to make the AI output indistinguishable from human-written content. Dedicated AI-masking tools take the heavy lifting off your shoulders, but manual polishing adds the final human-like touch.

Advanced Strategies for Creating Undetectable Content

Expert Tip 1: Train your AI content generator on a more diverse dataset to produce less predictable output.

Feeding the AI various sources: books, articles, speeches, and more. It will help it generate more varied and human-like content

Expert Tip 2: Use multiple writing styles and AI tools and combine the outputs for greater uniqueness.

For example, generate a draft with ChatGPT, rewrite it with Claude, and polish it with Grammarly.

Blending both human and AI-generated content makes the end result more indistinguishable.

Expert Tip 3: When developing your content workflows, incorporate natural tone, personal experiences and overall “human touch“.

The human element helps balance the convenience of AI-powered content creation.

Always manually review and edit the final text to catch any grammatical errors or unnatural phrases.

Expert Tip 4: Copy human-written articles from the internet, feed them to Claude AI, and ask to analyze style, readability, perplexity, and burstiness (Claude loves doing this!). 

Then ask it to create a prompt that would let you rewrite a text in a more human-like way.

I hope you agree: there’s nothing less annoying than to read a generic text, full of clichés. You want to produce engaging content that connects with readers in the first place. 

If you combine your creativity with AI efficiency, you’ll produce human-like text that also evades detection.

Experiment with these advanced techniques to stay one step ahead!

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake 1: Using AI writing tools in their default state without customization.

Most tools right out of the box produce generic, repetitive content. Take time to fine-tune and train the AI on diverse data.

Mistake 2: Not giving the AI assistant enough context and clear instructions.

The more background information you provide, the better the output will be. Be specific with prompts.

Mistake 3: Publishing repetitive or generic phrases that sound robotic.

Always manually review and edit the AI draft. Vary sentence lengths, check for bad grammar, and rewrite repetitive phrases in your own words.

Other mistakes include failing to fix grammar issues, not adding transitions, using predictable sentence structures, and publishing AI content right off the bat.

Take the time to customize prompts, train models, and polish the final output.

Make AI Text Undetectable With One Simple Prompt

Ready for some free value? 

Then, answer a question.

What do you do if you don’t want to pay for a humanizer tool? 

Exactly! You create a prompt that will make the content undetectable

I spent a couple of evenings to make this prompt work. Now I’m sharing it with you absolutely for free (secretly hoping you share this article on your social media). 

Disclaimer: Please don’t try to use this prompt within ChatGPT. It won’t work. I created it for Claude AI, a chatbot that writes with a human level of burstiness. 

Sign-up page for Claude AI by Anthropic, featuring an email input field with 'Continue with email' and 'Continue with Google' options, and information sections for Claude for Business and Constitutional AI, promoting a helpful, harmless, and honest AI assistant.

Claude AI has a free version, so if you’re from the US or the UK, just sign up here

If Claude is unavailable in your country, register on at no additional cost

And here is the Prompt: 

“Rewrite the text below in an easy-to-understand, conversational tone for an IQ of 80 reading level while keeping the overall structure, headings hierarchy, paragraph length, and word count identical. Use contractions, first/second-person pronouns, and informal language. Use pattern interruptions and attention grabbers like one-sentence paragraphs, questions and answers, and bold and capslock text. Explain concepts clearly with reasoning, examples, and analogies tailored to the reader. Use positive, encouraging language focused on actionable steps:”

Let’s test it. I will take that article intro I mentioned before (so sure that it’s ChatGPT):

A sample of a AI-written text shown inside of a Google Doc showcasing the difference between well and badly readable texts

We will run it through an AI detector. I use Originality AI since it’s said to be one of the best on the market

How I make AI text undetectable with a prompt - screenshot showing 100% AI result from Originality AI

Boom, Originality AI flags it as a 100% AI-generated! Good job!

Now, let’s use my prompt and run the text through Claude AI instant  mode inside

Screenshot showing a prompt that helps me make an AI text undetectable inside Claude Instant

And here’s the result: 

Screenshot showing a generation result inside Claude Instant

Now, I’m nervous… Let’s check it with Originality AI (cause it’s the best):

Screenshot showing 0% AI result from Originality AI, this is how I make AI text undetectable with a prompt

And GPTZero, since it’s a free tool available to anyone:

A Screenshot of GPTZero showing a 99% human result after analyzing an AI-rewritten text, that's how you can make your text undetectable using Claude AI

And it shows only 1% of AI. Stunning!

I will be honest with you: I regenerated the response in Claude three times before getting a perfect result. So, tweak it around until you get there. 

If you don’t want to play with prompts, use my HumanizeAIText tool on Poe, it does the same job perfectly! 

Useful Tools and Resources

Disclaimer: The results you get may not be exactly the same as mine. AI tech is changing all the time as people work to improve it. What this tool did for me could be different than what you see. Thanks for your understanding! 

GPTInf: Powerful AI Text Humanizer

GPTInf Home page - it's a tool that will help you bypass ai detection

GPTInf uses cutting-edge text humanization technology to bypass AI detection algorithms. I was impressed by how well it rewrote AI content to sound human.

User Experience

Just paste your writing and get human-like results in seconds. The built-in scoring helps check if the output will pass AI detectors.

Key Features

  • Powerful paraphrasing to evade detectors
  • Originality and GPTZero scores
  • Money-back guarantee

What I like

  • Consistently fools AI detectors.
  • Easy-to-use workflow.
  • Great value with Appsumo lifetime deal.

What I don’t like

  • Lacks advanced customization options.
  • Unused credits do not accumulate and renew each month. 


GPTinf offers two subscription plans: Monthly and Annual. 

The Monthly plan starts at $12 per month and provides 10,000 words of undetectable paraphrasing, compare mode, and customer support. You can extend the word count up to 500000 words.

The Annual plan costs $8 per month and includes the same features as the Monthly plan, plus four free months! 

Undetectable.AI: Budget-Friendly AI Text Masking Tool

Undetectable.AI offers an affordable way to make AI-written text sound more human to sneak past strict AI detectors.

User Experience

The dashboard makes it easy to paste content, choose settings, and get humanized text. Built-in detection scoring helps optimize your content.

Key Features

  • Budget-friendly monthly plans
  • Customizable rewrite settings
  • Multiple detector integrations

What I like

  • Great value for individuals and small teams
  • Simple workflow
  • Free rewrite guaranteed if flagged

What I don’t like

  • The output may contain grammar errors
  • Your content may get stuck in a queue


Undetectable AI Pricing - it's a tool that can help you bypass AI detection

Pricing Plans start at just $9.99/month for 10,000 words.

Originality AI: Top AI Detection Tool

Homepage of, showcasing the best AI content detection tool with a prominent headline about AI Checker, Plagiarism Checker, and Fact Checker for publishing with integrity.

Originality AI offers advanced AI detection to evaluate whether text comes from a human writer or is AI-generated. It also can check your text for plagiarism and readability. 

User Experience

Paste your content and click “Scan” for detailed originality and quality scores. Check “Check Plagiarism and Readability” case to get thorough information. 

Key Features

  • Cutting-edge AI detection
  • Originality and readability metrics
  • Plagiarism checking
  • Chrome extension

What I like

  • Powerful AI analysis
  • Detailed originality insights
  • Easy-to-understand results

What I don’t like

  • The interface is sometimes somewhat slow


Pricing page for presenting two options: Pay-as-you-go and Base Subscription, detailing the best AI content detection tool's features and credit packages.

Paid plans start at $12/month if you pay annually. It offers a pay-as-you-go possibility, the best choice if you want to stay flexible.

Logo of GPTZero, featuring a stylized eye encircled by a loop with the brand name in bold blue font, set against a black background, representing modern AI technology.

GPTZero is a freemium AI detection tool created by Edward Tian. It analyzes patterns in writing using perplexity and burstiness measures to determine if content aligns more with human creativity or machine predictability.

In plain English: It can distinguish human-written text from AI-generated text.

I recommend double-checking your writing with this one.

Why? It’s free. It’s on the first page of Google. Its monthly traffic worldwide is around 340K. Why am I saying that? Because it’s the most likely to be used by someone to AI-proof your text!

User Experience

The interface is simple – just paste text and get results highlighted instantly. The free version supports up to 5,000 characters without a sign-up.

Key Features

  • Detects AI vs. human writing by analyzing text patterns
  • Highlights parts of text detected as AI-generated
  • Provides detailed perplexity and burstiness scores
  • Integrates with MS Word and Chrome extensions

What I like

  • Free version available with full functionality
  • Very straightforward and easy to use
  • Promising accuracy, especially for longer content
  • Useful for educators checking student work

What I don’t like

  • No option to save results reports
  • No money-back guarantee


GPTZero pricing
  • Free version with 5,000 character limit
  • Premium for educators ($9.99/month)
  • Pro plan ($19.99/month) with higher limits


Using AI to help with writing is changing how we make content these days! But some content creators are worried about getting in trouble if their stuff looks spammy or low quality.

The solution is to make sure AI text can’t be spotted from human-written content. As we discussed in this guide, you can do that with special AI masking tools, ask your AI helper to rewrite, do some manual editing yourself, and mix it up.

Following the step-by-step process here will give your AI content a nicer conversational feel, better grammar, and more uniqueness. Be sure to switch things up, check for spelling errors, and avoid using the same phrases over and over.

The goal is compelling content that flows so naturally that no one can tell it didn’t come straight from a real human’s brain! If you use the right strategies, you can enjoy that AI speed while still keeping everything high quality to trick those detector things.

Try my methods today! You can confidently adopt AI writing, knowing Google’s algorithms will see your content as high-value and human-made. The focus is on readability and usefulness, not gimmicks.


Not necessarily. Search engines like Google still prioritize high-quality, relevant content that offers value to users. The key is to make your AI text indistinguishable from human content through customization, editing, and rewriting. Well-written content engages the readers, keeping them on your website. And a longer retention rate for your site boosts organic traffic at no cost!

Asking your AI assistant, like Claude AI, to rewrite its own text in a more natural way can help make it less robotic for free. You can also manually edit the text and run it through detection software to double-check. However, free options are limited compared to paid tools.

Yes, Google does not outright ban AI text. But they do penalize low-quality, spammy, or misleading content. Ensure your tool’s AI-generated output provides value, aligns with guidelines, and SOUNDS human-written. The focus is on creating readable and useful content that earns trust and rankings through its value.

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, and if you decide to buy any of the promoted products, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. By doing this, I might feel more inspired to continue writing on this blog. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy

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