What is Detect GPT?

Detect GPT is an advanced AI content detector that helps users verify if text is AI-generated, ensuring content authenticity and originality.

Detect GPT Key Features

  • High Accuracy: 95% accurate in detecting AI-generated text.
  • Readability Score: Assesses and improves content readability.
  • Batch File Detection: Allows detection across multiple files simultaneously.
  • PDF Report Generation: Provides detailed reports in PDF format.
  • AI Content Humanizer: Converts AI-generated text to more human-like writing.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Ensures content originality by checking for plagiarism.
  • API Integration: Easy-to-use API for integrating detection capabilities into other tools and workflows.

5 Use Cases of Detect GPT

  1. Education: Helps teachers ensure academic integrity by identifying non-original student work.
  2. Student Verification: Assists students in verifying the originality of their assignments to prevent unintentional plagiarism.
  3. Content Creation: Supports writers in maintaining the uniqueness of their content by distinguishing between AI-generated and human-written text.
  4. Freelancers: Ideal for freelancers to ensure their work is original and not AI-generated.
  5. Small Businesses: Helps small businesses maintain content authenticity and improve user experiences by integrating detection capabilities into their platforms.

Who is Detect GPT for?

Detect GPT is for you if you need to verify the authenticity of text in various contexts, such as education, content creation, or business operations. It’s ideal for educators, students, writers, freelancers, and small businesses that require reliable AI content detection. However, it may not be necessary for casual users who do not frequently encounter AI-generated text.

Detect GPT Pricing

  • Essential Plan: $15 per month
    • 50,000 words per month
    • 1 user seat
    • Premium AI detection models
    • Batch file detection (10 files)
    • PDF report generation
    • AI Content Humanizer
    • Plagiarism checker
  • Pro Plan: $29 per month
    • 250,000 words per month
    • Additional features for professionals and small businesses

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