Prime Voice AI by ElevenLabs: Number 1 Voice Generator?

Lately I’ve been seeing all these crazy headlines about how AI is getting scarily good at mimicking people.

My friend sent me a demo of this virtual assistant that sounded so real, that she totally forgot it wasn’t a person on the other end of the line.

No more clunky robot voices, they’ve figured out how to make computers speak in a very natural, human-like way.

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I’m talking about the latest speech model that needs seconds to create a lifelike voice sounding like a professional actor. It’s Prime Voice AI by ElevenLabs.

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Table of Contents

What is Prime Voice AI?

Prime Voice AI is a highly realistic and versatile AI speech software that generates lifelike voices for various applications, such as storytelling, content creation, and audio experiences. 

It is designed to grasp the logic and emotions behind words, enabling it to intonate longer fragments convincingly and with purpose.

Let’s learn about the company behind this innovative technology  – ElevenLabs

Based in Brooklyn, ElevenLabs was founded in 2022 by two tech veterans. CEO Piotr Dabkowski is an ex-Google machine learning engineer. President Mati Staniszewski previously led deployments at Palantir.

ElevenLabs AI developers specialize in creating natural voices and speech synthesis software. Their leading product, Prime Voice AI, is transforming the game for content creators and marketers. The system generates vocal content that is genuine and refined to engage audiences.

But ElevenLabs has even bigger goals than building cool products. Their goal is to ensure that everyone can access and enjoy their technology for content creation or just for fun. Their AI-powered speakers are available in multiple languages, making them suitable for a wide range of industries and uses. 

It’s clear their work has immense potential. ElevenLabs has raised $21 million in funding to date. Their rapid growth shows how AI voices are disrupting the content creation space. 

How to generate a voice with Prime Voice AI? 

Eleven Labs AI Speech Synthesis Homepage where you can try the magic of Prime Voice AI

You must register on ElevenLabs website or login if you already have an account. 

Eleven Labs AI Speech Synthesis Page where you can try the magic of Prime Voice AI

After logging in, you will directly land on the speech synthesis page. This is where you can test the magic of the ElevenLabs AI!

Beware that you have only 10000 characters per month (it’s like a minute of audio) on the free plan, so delete the text automatically added to the text box and try with a single sentence. 

I like writing something emotional to test the voices because you can hear how insanely good they are!

Eleven Labs AI Speech Synthesis Page where you can try the magic of Prime Voice AI

You can also tweak settings around a little bit to change the speaker’s emotion. So, if you bring the Stability toggle further to the left, the tone becomes less stable, and it sounds more emotional. If you bring it to the right, the speech gains more stability.

The coolest thing is that the voice AI created by ElevenLabs understands the tone of the text, so you only have to correct how powerful the emotion should be. 

Adding some exclamation marks always helps. Play around, and you will see that this tool is freaking amazing!

Eleven Labs AI has a library of voices to use with the Prime Voice AI

And there are even more speakers to try out! Go to Voice Library, where the community generates dozens of AI characters. 

Filter them by popularity, find the one you like, click “Add to Voice Lab,” and you are ready to use it. 

After you’re done generating the text, you can download the audio in MP3 format.

You might be wondering, “What if I prefer a different language besides English?” Well, don’t worry because ElevenLabs has you covered!

Simply select your desired speaker, then click on the drop-down menu located under the voice settings. From there, choose ElevenLabs Multilingual.

Eleven Labs AI Speech Synthesis where Prime Voice AI can generate speech in different languages
Eleven Labs AI Speech Synthesis where Prime Voice AI can generate speech in different languages

And bang! It speaks perfect French! Or German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or even Hindi!

But it was only the basic multilingual model. Lately ElevenLabs presented a new model, Multilingual v2, which has more features and is even more precise. 

Remember I said you can toggle the emotion by altering the punctuation? This model also has Style Exaggeration, which is extremely helpful for cloned voices, that we will discuss later in this post. 

Changing Style exaggeration makes your audio sound even more naturally. The AI adds pauses and breaks based on the punctuation. 

Here’s how the same phrase we tried in English before sounds with this model: 

These is how I changed the options for this: 

This is how you tweak ElevenLabs speech synthesis Multilingual v2

But how about making your own voice speak the languages you haven’t even dreamed of speaking? 

How to clone your voice with Prime Voice AI?

ElevenLabs AI created an extremely versatile AI speech software. It even allows you to clone your voice

However, to do this, you have to get a paid subscription. The good news is that it is available for $5/month only, and believe me, it’s worth trying! 

So, here’s a step-by-step instruction: 

1. Go to Voice Lab and click “Add Generative or Cloned Voice“.

2. Select “Instant Voice Cloning”.

3. Name your voice and upload at least 5 minutes of clear audio. Use Adobe Enhance if you need to remove background noise. 

4. Add a description and click “Add Voice“. In a few seconds, your cloned voice will be ready.

5. Select your voice from the dropdown and generate speech from text.

6. Download the synthesized audio in your own voice.

ElevenLabs Speech-to-Speech

ElevenLabs Speech to Speech, where you can make your voice sound like any otehr voice

While text-to-speech tools are all the rage these days, ElevenLabs is taking things to another level with their “Speech-to-Speech” functionality. As a beta feature currently only available to paid users, it allows you to transform your own voice to sound like practically anyone else’s.

The process is quite fascinating. Upload up to 30 seconds of audio (itäs still in beta), and AI magic goes to work analyzing and synthesizing your speech to clone the tone, cadence, even inflections of another speaker. Imagine the possibilities!

I made a small experiment and try to change my voice into the most famous TikTok voice – Adam. 


And it actually kept my intonation but spoke with Adam’s colour and timbre: 

Then I did it the other way around, checking if my voice could sound as wacky as Adam’s does…


and it sort of worked: 

So if you need a voiceover for a video but not thrilled with your natural delivery Speech-to-Speech tool lets you try on voices with just a few clicks until you find the perfect sound.

Colleagues in creative roles will love experimenting with different vocal styles too. 

While still in beta, ElevenLabs’ speech morphing is lightyears ahead and sure to spark the imagination.

I can’t wait to see how they continues enhancing the function as it matures.

ElevenLabs Dubbing

Play Video about ElevenLabs Dubbing function main page, here you can du your videos using Prime Voice AI

This technology might impress you. By converting speech to text, translating, and then synthesizing back into the original speaker’s voice, it aims to create dubbed translations that sound more natural than traditional methods.

The feature is available in the free plan. Each minute of dubbing will cost you 2000 characters, so it’s worth trying out!

So here’s how it works: 

1. Register at ElevenLabs if you still haven’t.

2. In the menu at the top of the page, choose “Dubbing”

3. Click “Create a new dub”

4. In the pop-up window: add the name of the track or video and choose the language you want to translate into. 

The cool thing is that you can use social media links like YouTube, TikTok or others to overdub your existing videos – it saves time. It will also download it with no watermark. 

5. In the “Advance Tab” at the bottom of the pop-up window choose the number of speakers. It’s important since the AI will translate songs if you don’t choose this option and if background music is too loud.

6. Click “Create” and wait for at least 30 seconds. 

Pro tip: audio dubbing is available only for Creator+ accounts, but you can easily bypass that by converting your .mp3 files into .mp4 with this converter or any other available online. 

You will see that the voice cloning aspect is fascinating. I consider the quality better than the competition’s. It analyzes characteristics like timbre, emotion, and speech patterns to recreate a natural performance even across multiple speakers.

However, this particular function doesn’t offer lip sync features that competitors like HeyGen have, but let’s hope it will be added soon. 

How Prime Voice AI Works

A lightblue soundwave on a dark blue canvas

Let’s explore how Prime Voice AI delivers such realistic voices. It combines neural networks, natural language processing, and machine learning. This powerful blend helps Prime understand the logic and emotion behind the language.

ElevenLabs uses a deep learning model and advanced speech synthesis software to create AI-generated voices

They use voices from samples and apply voice effects to create a range of customizable voices. The result is top-quality spoken audio that mimics human intonation and speech patterns.

The software “learns” continuously too. Advanced speech recognition allows Prime to grow smarter with each text it processes. Prime picks up on subtle nuances in tone and inflection using deep learning techniques.

This emotional intelligence allows Prime Voice AI to generate voices with authentic vocal patterns. The AI doesn’t just spit out robotic words – it conveys feeling through lifelike intonation.

Prime Voice AI uses advanced speech recognition technology and a generative model to create realistic voices. It understands the emotional context from voice commands and replicates human intonation, and as a result, you hear a natural voice speaking. 

a photo of a computer screen representing how crimes can be committed using ai tools

Downsides of powerful voice AI like ElevenLabs.

We’ve discussed the many benefits these tools provide. But like any potent technology, they carry risks if misused. Just as a hammer can build or destroy, voice AI could be exploited harmfully.

For example, ElevenLabs could be used to counterfeit voices without consent. This raises concerns around identity theft, fraud, and misinformation. Clear ethical guidelines are needed to prevent misuse.

Privacy is another key issue. As AI turns voices into data, safeguards must protect against theft and unauthorized use. Users’ vocal data requires the same security as personal passwords and credentials.

Moreover, intellectual property rights matter. No one should be able to monetize another person’s speech without permission. Strong regulations around commercial use are essential.

As advanced voice AI proliferates, the need for oversight grows. We need industry guidelines, government policies, and user awareness to ensure responsible use. This technology is too potent to remain unregulated.

In summary, voice AI holds tremendous promise but also risks. With judicious controls and ethical practices, we can maximize its benefits for society while minimizing harm. As with any powerful innovation, wisdom must guide its trajectory.

The key is using these tools to uplift humanity, not undermine it. With responsibility and care, voice AI can make the world better, not worse. We have an obligation to wield this technology prudently.

Are AI Speech Generators a Threat to Voice Actors?

A poster saying on strike representing how voice actors could go strike against cloning their voice with elevenlabs ai

AI speech technology creates both challenges and opportunities for professional actors.

Some of them worry AI voices will reduce job opportunities. Companies may use cheaper computer-made voices instead of hiring real actors.

But other people think AI voices will add to, not replace, human voices. AI companies want to work with actors, not put them out of work.

For example, ElevenLabs plans to let actors license their voices to many projects at once. This could give actors more ways to earn money.

However, some actors also worry about losing control over their work and pay. The SAG-AFTRA actors union went on strike over this. They want rules to protect actors from companies misusing their voices with AI without permission or pay.

If technology companies and actors work together strategically, AI voices could help both. But actors’ rights must be protected too.

The impact of AI voices will depend on how responsibly the technology is used. And how well actors are involved in deciding how it develops.


ElevenLabs offers a Free Plan with limited features. Paid subscriptions unlock more extensive capabilities and usage. When starting, remember that your use is counted per character and not per word, so you have only 10000 characters with the Free Plan.

The best AI narrator depends on the user’s needs. The top options on the market are ElevenLabs AI and Murf. Both use advanced deep-learning models to generate high-quality, natural speech in a range of quality voices and styles. You can create short- and long-form content using these ultimate tools in main languages. 

For some users, may be a preferable alternative. It provides more voice options in multiple languages and accents. Murf also enables real-time collaboration and adding media to voiceovers.

Yes, voice cloning is part of ElevenLabs’ premium services and is available from the Starter Plan on. This plan costs only around $5/month. You can clone your own voice and then use it in all the languages available at 

ElevenLabs and are the top rivals, both offering customizable, high-quality voices for generating professional spoken audio. 

AI speech synthesis is evolving rapidly, with companies like ElevenLabs leading the way. Their Prime Voice AI software generates incredibly lifelike and natural-sounding voices from text.

This revolutionary technology has many exciting applications, from enhancing content creation to providing more intuitive virtual assistants. However, there are ethical concerns to consider regarding misuse and privacy.

AI voices have immense potential to improve communication and accessibility if developed responsibly. ElevenLabs sets an example, seeking to collaborate with professionals voice actors rather than replace them.

While much progress is still to be made, the future looks bright for this transformative technology. We can look forward to a world where synthesized voices blend seamlessly into our lives, sounding more human than ever.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, and if you decide to buy any of the promoted products, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. By doing this, I might feel more inspired to continue writing on this blog. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy

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