Top LALAL.AI Alternatives for Audio Separation in 2024 (Free and Paid) is pretty popular for separating vocals and instruments from songs. But of course, it’s not the only player on the market. There are some other heavy hitters worth looking at in 2024 and beyond. 

Here are my top 3 LALAL AI alternatives:


This AI-powered audio separation tool has an amazing interface that is perfect for professional singers and musicians. 

Vocal Remover

Eliminate vocals from your tracks while preserving energetic instrumental backing with this efficient tool’s proprietary algorithms.

Upload your tracks to isolate studio-grade stems for vocals, drums, bass, piano, guitar and more using this advanced online separation service’s deep learning technology.


People use AI daily, it can help them to get through different tasks: from writing a song to boosting productivity

Music creation has also been enormously influenced by AI in recent months. 

LALAL AI and its competitors are indispensable for musicians and music lovers wanting to enhance their skills or make the rehearsal process more productive. 

In this article we will talk about Lalal AI alternatives and try to find the best match for your needs. 

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How to Choose a Good LALAL AI Alternative?

When checking out alternatives, you have to think about a few things: 

  • How accurate is it really at splitting up the sounds?
  • What’s the sound quality like on the separated tracks?
  • Is it easy to use or super confusing?
  • Does it work with what you’ve already got?
  • How much moolah is it going to cost you?

The ideal tool would take a song and flawlessly break it down into stems that could pass for pro-studio quality. It would keep all the little details but let you work with the vocals, drums, bass, etc by themselves.

What Are the Best LALAL AI Alternatives?

Here are the top options to think about if you’re looking around for alternatives this year:

Best for Music and Singing Teachers

Moises App the best LALAL AI Alternative on the market

Moises uses AI to smash audio tracks into separate pieces—the vocals, drums, bass, and instruments all get split apart. However, it keeps all the little details from the original recording.

I’ve been using Moises for about a year now, and I guarantee you will not find a better option. It’s the perfect toolkit for musicians of any skill level. 

Moises is available as a desktop and mobile app so that you can use it in any possible situation.

Key Features

  • Vocal and Instrument Remover
    Effortlessly separate vocals and instruments from the rest of the track. Create high-quality instrumental tracks instantly.
  • Song Sections
    Break down songs into essential parts like the intro, verse, chorus, and bridge. Helps you practice each section more efficiently.
  • Song Key Finder
    Quickly identifies the key of any song. A must-have tool for musicians looking to understand song composition.
  • BPM Finder
    Measures the unique tempo (BPM) of any song.Perfect for matching your performance tempo or mixing tracks.
  • AI Lyrics Transcription
    Automatically transcribes lyrics in multiple languages. Syncs lyrics precisely to the song, making practice and exploration easier.
  • Chord Finder
    Detects chords in real-time for any song.
    Makes learning, practicing, and even creating new arrangements a breeze.
  • Pitch Changer
    Adjust the pitch of your music or vocals easily. Open up new creative possibilities and refine your practice sessions.
  • Metronome Online
    The world’s first Smart Metronome on the web.
  • AI Mastering 
    Throw your favorite song in and then upload your own song and let AI master it to the same quality (available on desktop only)

Is Moises the Same Quality With LALAL AI?

This video shows a comparison of the quality between Moises AI App and LALAL AI: 


Free Plan: The free plan includes 5 AI audio separation processing per month, with some features limited.  

But to get more from Moises AI it’s highly recommended to get a Premium Plan (on the App Store or Google Play) 

Premium Plan: The Premium plan offers unlimited AI audio separation processing, isolation of all available instruments, faster processing queue, 20-minute duration per file, unlimited Smart Metronome, Chord Detection, Pitch Changer, Audio Speed Changer, and AI Key Detection. This plan is available for $3.99 USD per month or $39.99 USD per year

Vocal Remover homepage - it's one of the best LALAL AI alternatives

Vocal Remover efficiently eliminates vocals from songs to create instrumental-only versions. The proprietary algorithms reliably detect and remove vocals with minimal effects on the background music.

Key Features

  • Create instrumental tracks from songs in MP3, M4A, WAV, and other formats
  • Preserves non-vocal elements such as instruments, beats, effects
  • Allows adjusting sensitivity for optimal vocal removal
  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Ideal for karaoke, remixing, sampling

Does Vocal Remover Have the Same Quality As LALAL AI?​

You can check it out for yourself in this video: 


It’s a free app for now, but you can donate to support the creators. 

Song Peel homepage its one of the best free LALAL AI alternatives

Song Peel is an advanced online audio separation service powered by deep learning. It separates full songs into isolated vocal, drum, bass, and accompaniment tracks.

Key Features

  • Upload tracks in MP3, M4A, WAV and instantly generate separated stems
  • Ability to download stems as lossless WAV files
  • Precisely isolates vocals, drums, bass, piano, guitar and more
  • User-friendly web interface and quick processing


For now Song Peel is for available for free. 

Splitter AI homepage - it's one of the best LALAL AI alternatives

Splitter AI provides some of the most advanced consumer-facing AI audio tools available today. The technology opens up new creative possibilities for working with audio.

Key Features

  • Stem Separation – Splitter’s AI can separate full music tracks into different stems like vocals, drums, bass, piano, and other instruments. This allows greater flexibility in audio editing and remixing.

  • Noise Reduction – Specialized models can remove background noise, reverb, and other artifacts to clean up audio recordings.

  • Direct YouTube Splitting – Splitter’s cloud platform can directly split and download stems from YouTube videos. No need to download the full file.

  • Free and Paid Tiers – Basic stem separation is available for free. More advanced features like higher quality, more stems, and noise reduction require a paid subscription starting at $4.99/month.

  • Developer API – Splitter offers APIs for developers to integrate its audio processing into their own apps and services.


For now, Splitter AI is available to use without any charges. 

Acapella Extractor homepage - it's one f the best LALAL AI alternatives

Acapella Extractor is an intuitive online tool that removes vocals from songs with great precision. It utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to isolate vocal tracks and produce studio-grade acapellas.

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface for easy uploading and processing
  • Accurately extracts acapella vocals while preserving background instrumentation
  • Supports MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, and other common formats
  • Real-time preview allows monitoring separation progress
  • Ideal for remixing, sampling, karaoke tracks


Acapella Extractor is available for free. 

Conclusion kicked off the whole AI audio separation thing, but now there are a bunch of other good options for pros too.

Tool like Moises, Spleeter and Vocal Remover give you nice friendly interfaces and still separate tracks really well for remixing. 

The ideal separator doesn’t just isolate parts – it’s gotta keep all those little details that make the vocals, drums, bass and everything else come alive. Look at how accurate it is, the sound quality, if it’s easy to use, compatibility and the price tag. That way you can find the perfect one for how you work.

With these alternatives, the possibilities are endless for remixing, sampling and recreating music!



Based on the features and performance, many feel that Moises is one of the top alternatives to right now. It uses AI to accurately separate audio tracks and provides an easy-to-use interface. The isolated stems from Moises sound professional-grade. It also lets you tweak pitch, tempo, and key. For hassle-free remixing, Moises is a great alternative to consider. offers a free plan but it is limited. You can only separate up to 10 minutes of audio with a 50MB file size limit. The processing speed is also slower on the free tier. Overall, the capabilities are quite restricted compared to paid plans.

If you are looking for a  free alternative to, Moises is a good option. While Moises has paid plans for advanced use, it does provide certain basic separation capabilities for free. 

This makes it possible to test out vocal and instrumental separation without paying anything. The free features are sufficient for basic sampling and remixing needs.  

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, and if you decide to buy any of the promoted products, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. By doing this, I might feel more inspired to continue writing on this blog. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy